A professional panel gives - confidential - detailed feedback on your video appearance

The importance of good video marketing is clearly demonstrated to us in times of the Corona: Do your video presence and video material meet current standards? Does your video presence optimally contribute to your image and your brand? Are you reaching your target audience? Is there any potential for optimization?

Our professional team of renowned TV producers, video and pharmaceutical marketing experts as well as - for medical topics - human and veterinary surgeons will analyze your material confidentially, fairly, constructively and - for the first time - free of charge. You send your videos / links for a professional review and receive specific feedback at short notice.

Often it is only small, inexpensive optimizations, such as a new cut, better dubbing or another distribution channel, that can lead your video marketing to new success. Concrete, creative improvement approaches are therefore also part of the analysis.

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Screening panel:

  • O. Krämer, TV producer, CvD (ARD, ZDF, RTL, SAT1, Pro7, Vox) with 25 years of experience

  • Dr. G. Lueckel, Video Marketing / Pharma Marketing Consultant, mmp moving media production GmbH

  • Dr. M. Waitz, doctor, med production GmbH / vet production GmbH - management

Screening topics (selection):

  • Does the material meet the current market standards? Is the target group (“customer journey”) optimally reached?

  • Does the video contribute optimally to your brand? Does the video material support the overall image of your company?

  • Is the storytelling creative, engaging and goal-oriented?

  • Are there aspects that should be further expanded or deleted (testing according to the ERSK method)?

  • Where could one significantly and cost-effectively improve the performance through minimal improvements (editing, text, setting ...)?

  • Which fields of video marketing should be covered if necessary? What is the absolute priority? What can wait?

A free offer from mmp moving media production GmbH, med production GmbH and vet production GmbH, Cologne 2020.

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